Gut Loading Crickets

Gut Loading Crickets

Gut loading crickets means filling the insects with good nutrition so it is passed on to your pet when your pet eats the crickets. Gut loading is an important step in getting vitamins and minerals into your pet, especially if you order crickets in bulk and keep them in your home.  It is best to gut load crickets 2 days before feeding them to your pets. 

Food you can feed crickets for proper gut loading include:

  • dark leafy greens (kale, collard, and mustard greens)
  • carrots
  • potatoes (sweet potatoes good too)
  • squash
  • oranges 
  • apples
  • Total bites
  • Armstrong's cricket chow

When feeding crickets, it is good to mix up their food to ensure they get a varied diet with a wide variety and proper nutrition. Crickets also need hydration but can drown easily. Make sure the water in their habitat is shallow (we recommend using something like the lid of a butter tub).

An easy source of gut loading nutrition and hydration is Armstrong's Total Bites. Total bites are a gel-based substance that contains a complete resource of all the vitamins and minerals your crickets need for proper gut loading. We recommend keeping total bites on hand to supplement the crickets diet. Total bites are an easy way to make sure your crickets are properly gut loaded and hydrated, making your crickets a very healthy meal for your pet.