Acheta Domestica Crickets

What makes Armstrong different than other cricket farms?

It's because we carry The Acheta Domestica Cricket

It All Started When...

Grandfather, Tal Armstrong started the cricket industry back in the mid ‘40s. He began farming crickets with the  Acheta domestica. Although there are many types of crickets in the US, Tal discovered through his love of fishing that the Acheta domestica was preferred by fish. Especially bream. His friends noticed too, because they requested HIS crickets over others when they were rounding up fishing bait.


The Name Has Changed But the Cricket is the Same...

Marketed in the 1950's as the gray cricket, the Acheta domesitca is actually brown in color. It has been approved by the FDA as a safe reptile food and can be shipped worldwide. These original crickets were readily requested by zoos, fishermen, and pet owners because of several traits:


  • * Easily digestible because of the soft exoskeleton 
  • * Desired aroma – preferred among herps 
  • * Nutritional content – has what predators need
  • * Activity level – makes mealtime a fun experience for the pets
  • * Gentleness – doesn’t bite 


Since the Brown Cricket (Acheta domestica) was first discovered as the preferred cricket type among feeder insects, scientists have proven it is a high quality meal for herps.



Feeding the Best...   

Zoos, shop owners, and pet owners buy direct from our farm because they know how important it is to feed reptiles and other animals the best, most natural food. The Brown Cricket from Armstrong is guaranteed to be the Original Brown Cricket.


Armstrong’s Cricket has a soft shell that is easily digestible. Other breeds of crickets are found only partially digested because of their tough exoskeleton. The Armstrong Cricket is high in protein and has an appealing odor and color to herptiles. Armstrong's live crickets are requested among other types of live feeder insects because of their lively activity and the interest they draw from predators. Most importantly, the Acheta domestica is not aggressive. Other breeds of crickets have been known to attack reptiles and put small bites on humans.



We Can Take the Heat...

And one final reason you should only purchase from Armstrong's is because our crickets can handle the heat better than other crickets. This means that more crickets will survive shipping during the summer months alive and healthy for your pets to enjoy.


We Keep it Safe...

In order to keep the purest form of the Acheta domestica, Armstrong maintains a bio safe cricket farm that is located 10 miles from one of our main farms. This farm is operated independently to provide a back up of good, clean, healthy crickets. Because of our special precautions, Armstrongs' farms have not been affected by the cricket virus that has spread throughout the cricket growing community. Harmless to reptiles, the cricket virus weakens and kills crickets but has no effect on any animals.


We continue to raise the ORIGINAL cricket because we believe it is the best and most nutritional cricket for your pet. So when you are searching for a live feed for your pet or the most appealing fishing bait, make sure you are buying


The Original Cricket from Armstrong's.