What makes a good cricket farm?

Crickets are rising in popularity. As cricket farms are popping up around the country, we thought we'd share a bit of the knowledge we've learned through our 70+ years of farming.

Overcrowding can cause deaths and disease. Crickets need room to move around. Too many crickets in one area can cause stress and eventual death among the crickets. Dead crickets more easily spread disease.  At Armstrong’s, we avoid overcrowding with daily checks on the brooder boxes and distribute crickets to additional boxes as they grow and molt.

Safe temperatures for healthy molting. Crickets molt (or shed their exoskeleton) around 10 times during their life cycle. The cooler the air, the slower the cricket growth. The warmer the air, the faster the cricket growth. It is best to keep the crickets at a safe temp to avoid rushing the emerging exoskeleton.

Good feed = good crickets. You are what you eat! Our feed does not contain any growth hormones or antibiotics. Armstrong uses all natural feed that is free of antibiotics and unnecessary additives. This makes our crickets a healthy food source - safe enough for you to eat! Our frozen crickets are certified by the FDA as safe for human consumption.

Just a few things to consider when choosing your crickets. We are proud to be the oldest cricket farm in the business and maintain a guaranteed supply of healthy, fresh crickets for you and your pets!