Earthworms - Fishing and Composting Worms

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Earthworms are great - slimy and wiggly, they are really useful creatures! Most often used for:

-Composting (natural recycling) turning decaying matter into fertilizer

-Aeration of the soil (improving drainage and incorporation of nutrients

-Fishing (small crappies and bream to catfish, perch, bass, bluegill and more)

Red Worms are the smallest worm of our bunch, growing 1 to 3 inches in length. Great for fishing small-mouthed fish (trout, bream) and excellent at composting. 

Big Reds are larger than the Red Worms. 

Nightcrawlers grow 4-5 inches long. Choose these if fishing for large fish such as bass. A worm to chose for aeration and fertilization of the soil as it is strong and large.