Fruit Flies (flightless)

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Flightless fruit flies are easy for your pets to eat and easy for you to keep! They are a great live food source for small reptiles and amphibians, spiderlings, dart frogs, beta fish, and even birds. 

You will receive the flightless fruit flies in a vial along with a gelatin based food and water source and netting for extra surface area. Fruit flies are the species Drosophila hydei reach 1/8 of an inch in size and adulthood in around 28 days. 

To feed your pets, gently tap the vial so that the flies fall down to the bottom. Remove the foam plug and dispense some of the flies in your pet's feeding area. It is recommended that you dust your flies with a vitamin supplement when giving to your pet. Replace the foam plug and the remaining adults will continue to lay eggs in the vial for a continuous supply of fruit flies. 

This process can continue as long as the gelatin-based food and water source remains available (around 5 weeks). Store at room temperature out of direct sunlight.