Giant Mealworms

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Giant Mealworms are several times larger than regular mealworms but not as big as Superworms. Giants are a great source of protein for a large number of reptiles, amphibians, and birds. Be sure to gutload your mealworms before you feed them to your pet for a more nutritious meal. Giants are also great for trout fishing, as they are more buoyant than earthworms. 

Care instructions:
Place the container of giant mealworms and bedding in a refrigerator. Remove the giant mealworms about once a week and give them a water source, such as sliced apples, carrots or potatoes. Armstrong's packs giants in a grain-based bedding material that also acts as food for the giant mealworms. You can add oatmeal, wheat germ or corn meal for an additional food source. .It is better to have a fresh stock and not order more than a two-week supply at a time.

If you are ordering more than 10 boxes combined of crickets and/or worms, additional shipping charges will apply. You will be contacted to collect the additional charges before your order is processed.