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Need baby crickets? These newly hatched crickets are 1/16" inch long and known as pinhead crickets (because they are about the size of a pinhead). Depending on the temperature and conditions of their habitat, these newly hatched crickets will be fully grown in 4-6 weeks.

Pinhead crickets are great for feeding baby beardies, baby geckos, and newborn reptiles.

Armstrong's Cricket's raises the Acheta domesticus, also known as the brown cricket. Because of their color, odor, and soft exoskeleton, these crickets have proven to be the best crickets for feeding reptiles because they are easily digested.

Armstrong's Cricket farm has been farming crickets since 1947. We have two harvesting farms (Louisiana and Georgia) and keep a proprietary biosafe farm in a third location so that we will always have a healthy, robust supply of crickets.