Wax Worms

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Worms come in cups of 100. 1000 worms come loose in a box. If you'd like your worms packaged differently, please call our office to place your order. 

Wax Worms are a soft-bodied grub and creamy white in color. High in fat and easy to digest, waxworms are a treat for reptiles and fish!

Waxworms are the caterpillar larvae of wax moths and stage 2 of a 4 stage life cycle - egg, larva (waxworm), pupa, and moth. Armstrong's ships waxworms in the larva stage. Waxworms will stay as larva (pump, white grubs) for at least 2 weeks at room temperature before pupating into moths. If you're keeping them longer, store them on the shelf of your refigerator. Waxworms generally do not require much food during this stage and will eat their bedding material. Armstrong's ships waxworms in a bedding material made of grains.

Waxworms are a great treat for geckos, arachnids, chameleons, lizards, and amphibians.

Care instructions: Store Wax Worms on a shelf between 55 degrees F to 65 degrees F.

If you are ordering more than 10 boxes combined of crickets and/or worms, additional shipping charges will apply. You will be contacted to collect the additional charges before your order is processed.